Our Story

We are the Schembres,

Charles, Tiffany, Camden, Chloe,  Aura, Skyla & mouse
We live in the Carson valley a short drive to lake Tahoe and so much more.
We love lots of things, gardening, golden’s, & getaways, are just a few.
My parents have been breeding Golden’s ever since I was a little girl, just two years old, back in 1982.
They call their Kennel “Tiffany’s Golden Retrievers” perhaps you have heard of them or even bought one of their puppies.
Their first Golden was Sundancer,
I feel honored that my parents named their kennel after me,
However, I decided to honor their very first Golden and name my families kennel after Sundancer.
Just like my parents, we are a hobby breeder, Aura had four healthy litters and this will be Sklya’s third.
 I feel blessed to have my parents support and the support of the great breeders in sonoma county whom my parents and I have worked with ever since I can remember. (You can check them out through our links page)
We are super excited for another skyla & elliott litter !
I knew ever since I was a little girl, that one day, I too would breed Golden Retrievers.
Golden’s have been and still are such a positive presence in my life.
the joy I have seen throughout the years as families came to pick out their puppy…it’s unforgettable.
I want to be a part of that and more importantly I want to promote the breed in a positive way.
As a breeder it is so important to be responsible!
It’s not about, oh it would be so great if our dog had a litter, you have a cute dog…let’s have puppies.
No, it’s about breeding two dogs that have great qualities and can complement each other and the breed.
Not just in their looks, but in their temperament and total being.
Aura & Skyla have had their hips and elbows x-rayed. Their eyes and heart checked. So have the sires.
Both of these dogs come from Championship blood lines, ones that were never crossed.
I feel confident that a litter of puppies between these two well balanced, beautiful, strong, intelligent, athletic dogs
Will result in great puppies that will make wonderful pets for a family that’s ready!
That’s what we plan to provide!
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